Monday, November 19, 2012

Gray Fullbuster Lemon/Love story

             My Queen (40 minutes in Heaven with Gray Fullbuster)

( His smile is so Cute I had to put it! <3)

Name: Lily Katrina 
Looks: (up above)
Personality: strong, kind, sweet, smart, loving, funny, and gets angry very easily like Erza.
Magic: Controls everything except weather. And she can transform to any outfit like Erza. 
Crush: Gray Fullbuster
On with the story! 

Lucy: "Okay Lily! You're up!!!" She says with excitement. Lucy was throwing a party for everyone in Fairy Tail. Everyone decided to play 40 minutes in heaven and of course you ended up playing. 

You looked  at Lucy with nervousness in your eyes. You really wanted to be in the closet with Gray. You've  had the biggest crush on him since you first laid eyes on him when they were kids. You both have been best friends for so long but you never confessed your love to him. You were afraid that you will lose your friendship with him. You have wanted to tell him. But the problem was that Juvia (which you despise very much) is always flirting with him which makes You  so angry you wish you can beat her up and make her never come back to Fairy Tail. You stopped talking to Gray because of her which made you sad. Everyone knew You were  in love with Gray but he was the only one that doesn't know.  That was why you wanted to be in the closet with him to confess your love to him without anyone else around.

Lily: "Well....alright..." You say shyly. 

You put your hands in the cup and picked  it up something giving it to Lucy. Without knowing who you had, Lucy puts you in the closet to wait for someone to come in. You were very nervous. You sat on the other side of the big closet and put your head on your knees closing your eyes to calm yourself down. Then you heard someone come in. You didn't bother to look who it was cause you  didn't really want to know who came in. Until you felt some cold hands on yours. You knew right right away whose hands they were so you looked up to see Gray looking deep into his eyes. They were full of sadness and confusion. You felt tears coming out so you looked away from him not wanting to see his face and seeing you about to cry,  but he grabbed your chin and made you look at him again. 

Gray: "Lily...why have you been ignoring me lately....? I've missed you and I hate not being around you. Can you please tell me what's wrong...? I will not be upset...I wanna hear you out..."

You couldn't believe what he was saying. Tears were coming out and they were coming out a lot. He pulled you towards him and he embraced you soothing you. You really did miss him. You missed his hugs, his concern for you, his voice, just everything. You hugged him back crying on his chest. You've never cried so hard to anyone before. He hugged you tighter not wanting to let you go. 

Gray: "Lily....I'm so sorry......please tell me what's wrong..." He said with concern in his voice. 

You calmed down a bit but still tears were coming out. He cupped your cheeks so you can look into his eyes. You had to tell him. Nothing couldn't ruin this moment. It was just the two of you and since Juvia wasn't around, it made you a little better. Well, here it goes. 

Lily: " Well Gray. I've stopped talking to you because.....well.....I love you Gray......I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want to lose the bond we have for each other and plus Juvia in the was difficult....I really do love you a lot...I've always loved you..since were kids..but I understand if you don't feel the same way about me..." You told him with more tears coming out. You wanted to leave and go home. You were sobbing in your hands. 

Gray was shocked. He never knew you had fallen in love with him. He felt the same way about you. He loved everything about you. Your kindness for others, your smile, laugh, just everything about you blew him
away. He was heart broken that you stopped talking to him. He wanted to be with you and no one else. You were the only one for him. He grabbed you and hugged you again. 

Gray: "Lily...I feel the same about you...I have no feelings for Juvia. Shes just annoying but a friend of mine. But I love you more than are my shining star...I love you too Lily."

When you were about to look up at him, he pressed his lips on yours. Your eyes widened staring at his closed ones. You closed your eyes kissing him back with passion. You two both away staring into each others eyes with a smile. He pulled you to him and you sat in between his legs as he wrapped his arms around your waist pulling you closer.

Gray: " Lily, will you be my girlfriend? I love you with all my heart. I've always had. Ever since we were kids, you've always inspired me. Everything about you just lights my whole world. I wanna be with you and no one else. I'm sorry for hurting you. I never meant to do that to you..." He said with tears coming down his face.

You looked at him feeling bad. You fell in love with him. You kissed him wiping his tears.

Lily: " I would love to be your girlfriend Gray. I love you too. And I forgive you. But it was my fault for not talking to you. But that will never happen again because we are now together."  You said smiling at him and looking into his eyes. 

He smiled at you and kissed you. You kissed back putting your arms around his neck. He pushed you to the ground with him on top of you. He licked your tongue wanting entrance which you accepted. You both played with each others tongue and made out till the door was opened.

Lucy: "Times up yo-WOAH!!!!"

You both looked blushing. Everyone else saw you and they all blushed.

Lucy: "Finally you guys! Congrats!" She said excited. And everyone else cheered for you both. 

You both got up and got out of the closet. Before you went to your seat, Gray grabbed your arm and whispered in your ear. 

Gray: "You wanna get out of here?" He asked with a smirk.

Lily: "Sure." You replied with a smirk. 

You both left the party without anyone noticing. You both made it to your place. When you opened the door and you both going in, Gray closed the door, locked it, and smashed his lips to yours. You kissed him back rough and putting your tongue in his mouth by force and both your tongues were massaging making you moan. He smirked and his lips went to your neck kissing it. you moaned at his touch as he  took off your shirt and pants. He was already stripped so you placed your hands on his chest feeling his sexy abs. He moaned at how your hands were feeling on him. He picked you up and carried you to your bedroom. He laid you down and he got on top of you. He started kissing/sucking your neck making you moan. 

Lily: "Mmmmmmm Gray......"

He smirked at how you said his name. He took off your bra and massaged your breasts earning a loud moan from you. Once  he got tired of your breasts, he kissed your stomach to the hem of your thong. He pulled off your thong replacing with three fingers pumping in you. You were moaning like crazy. He was more and more turned on every time you said his name. He pumped faster and faster wanting you to cum. 

Lily: "Gray!!! Imma....imma.....CUM!!!"

He pumped faster and you came in his fingers. He was licking his fingers off which you thought how sexy he was cleaning it off. He kissed you making you taste yourself. He started grinding on you hearing a louder moan from you. You felt him getting hard which turned you on. He continued till you couldn't take anymore. You wanted him so bad right now. You flipped over so you were on top and you pulled off his boxers. He was huge. You smirked and you licked the tip and massaging his ball sacs. He was moaning which turned you on even more so you kept teasing him by kissing and licking the tip and even blowing on it.

Gray:" tease and just suck!" 

You put his whole member in your mouth sucking hard and fast bobbing your head up and down. He was moaning and groaning louder. He bucked his hips making you deep throat him giving him a vibration from your moan. 

Gray: "Oh Lily! Im coming!" He groaned. 

He came in your mouth and you swallowed it all. You kissed it and kissed all the way up to his lips making him taste himself. He flipped over so he was top but his lips never left yours doing a full make out. You felt his member poking at your womanhood. You both moaned in pleasure. He looked in your eyes full of love and passion. You smiled at him loving him even more.

Gray: "Ready?"

Lily: "Will it hurt?"

Gray: "A little but then it will go away. Ill be gentle."

Lily: "Okay."

He kissed you and entered you. You cried in the kiss but Gray soothed you so you can calm down. After a few minutes of pain, he moved slowly and you felt amazing pleasure. You moaned and wrapped your legs around his hips so he can go faster and he did. He went out of you and slammed into you hard. you screamed in pleasure as he slammed into you hard and fast just how you wanted it. you moaned loud and he loved how you moaned making him go harder and faster in you. You knew you and him were close to climax. He rammed into faster till he hit his climax and so did you.

Gray: "LILY!!!"

Lily: "GRAY!!!"

Both of your juices collided with each other and he collasped on top of you. You both were breathing hard and exhausted from that amazing moment. He pulled out of and laid down next to you. He pulled you toward him and you snuggled up to him.

Gray: "I love you my Queen."
Lily: "I love you too my King."

You both kissed for the last time before falling asleep in each others arms.